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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nylons...pantyhose, garter belts and stockings, panties

Nylons...pantyhose, garter belts and stockings, panties. That is what I want to see. Lots of skirt lifting. Mini in stockings and panties. Mary in pantyhose and panties. Lots of panties and nylons pulled down. I want to jerk off looking at you lifting your skirts, showing me your panties and lots of mirror pictures so I can see your panties and nylons from the front and back at the same time. Also lots of panties pulled down. You girls are the best. Nylons TGP

I loved seeing you two in pantyhose and panties

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Straight up hardcore doggystyle sex is her favorite position, she loves to peel down her wild metallic fencenet pantyhose and arch her back just right, making his throbbing tool pump in deeper and deeper. On the verge of exploding with orgasmic contractions, She screams and moans and begins forcefully pushing back onto his dick. Literally thrusting her pelvis in efforts to make him push his cock deeper into her soft round beautiful ass. Panty Gallery
She gets hotter than hell when she slides into wild fencenet pantyhose and anything from her lingerie collection. Her lucious curvy legs make mouths water as she slowly shows off her amazing lingerie. On her knees with her sexy metallic black fence net pantyhose pulled down around her ankles, Kristina's shiny long hair flows down her back as she bobs her head back and forth against her thick pole. She uses her hands and lips to experetly provide delicious wet friction Panty Gallery
She knows just how to seduce you, how to make you weak and willing to hand over thick stacks of cold hard cash. Your eyes are drawn in to her hips as her garter straps draw perfect black lines across her thighs to her stockings. Nylons TGP
Her gorgeous round full breasts exposed as she sensually teases you with her fabulous black stockings. Her dainty hands softly masage over her curvy nylon wrapped thighs and curvy calves. Your eyes crawl over every inch of her erotic body as she sways to the music. Nylons TGP
She arrives wearing a fabulous shiny pink satin blouse that shimmers in the soft lighting. Her glossy lips tease you as she nibbles her glasses. She is most impressed by the sheer amount of liquid assets you have and the amount of cold hard cash you must have on hand. This really turns her on and soon she has peeled down to her sexy sheer black lingerie, waist cincher, and amazing silk black thigh high stockings. Nylons TGP