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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Then and only then is he allowed to cum all over their pretty toes!

Beautiful co-eds Penny Pax and newcomer Cindy Starfall wander into a shoe store only to taunt and tease the college kid working the register! The girls know just how crazy their adorable petite feet and nicely curved arches make men and they use this to get everything they want! Cliff helps the girls try on shoes but soon finds himself hypnotized by the scent of their sweaty feet in lace socks, high heels and sheer pantyhose. Before he knows it the girls are dominating him with their feet making him suck, sniff and clean the sweat from in between their toes. They demand he lick their pussies to get them off and maybe he will be rewarded with a foot job! Cindy sits her round ass on his face with promises of cumming all over her toes if he cleans her ass out properly! The girls show their enthusiasm through their toes with lots of toe scrunches , spreads and contortions. They use his cock for their pleasure only allowing him a footjob once they are completely satisfied. Then and only then is he allowed to cum all over their pretty toes!

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torturous foot job then left there tied up in her pantyhose for his fiance to find!

James Riker is a nasty little foot slut and at Thanksgiving dinner he can't help but notice his soon to be sister-in-law's gorgeous feet! He sneaks away to the bathroom but gets detoured by his fiance's sister's closet of pantyhose and shoes. Lorelei had a sneaking suspicion and catching James jacking it all over her clothes was not a surprise! This dirty little foot slut is going to get the thrill of his life being made to worship, suck and clean all of Lorelei's perfect toes, make her cum and get a teasing, torturous foot job then left there tied up in her pantyhose for his fiance to find!

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

You can almost see my wonderful scent

These red furry panties are so cute but they are beginning to wear out and I want to wear them one last time just for you! The fabric would feel wonderful rubbing against your skin, you can see the nice furry texture against my ass. I love the look of these pantyhose, the black on black dot goes with almost anything. They are really soft and feel great against your skin, these are not some cheap drug store brand! The toe nail polish is blackish red but almost looks black in the photos for a gothic feel.
You can almost see my wonderful scent

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My panties get so wet trapped under these pantyhose

Black and white stripped pantyhose, 5 inch boots and smooth satin red panties are just to die for! You know how stinky my feet get after a long day wearing these sexy boots? My panties get so wet trapped under these pantyhose especially when I notice all the heads I'm turning when I wear this outfit out and about. And just ask me about these sexy red satin panties, they might just be available to the right guy!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Black toe nails in white knee socks

I can't believe the response from my last pair of knee socks. I never knew they were that popular with you guys! I'll wear these sexy knee socks for atleast 24 hours, most likely with my 5 inch pumps or my tall black boots, depending on the weather! Its starting to get cold around here a girl has to keep her sexy legs warm!
My dark red toenails peeking out thru the white squares knee socks! I know you'll love the scent!

Monday, January 21, 2013

loosely around her ankles

There's only one place those magenta panties look better than around her waist: loosely around her ankles. Those smoky assless stocking-chaps are so alluring, you won't be able to look away. Watch her rip them off like a hulkamaniac, brother Johnny Fetish

She loves wearing sheer black stockings

Lonely in her hotel room with nothing to do but play with herself, Erin asks, “Do you like to look at me touch myself?” Yes, darling we do. She loves wearing sheer black stockings, and you will love her for it. Her divine pussy is quietly waiting for you to bear witness. Heels XXX

The lady really knows how to put on a private show.

The lady really knows how to put on a private show. Watch her slowly caress her body as she strips out of her white lingerie to reveal her precious pink bits. Her perfect natural breasts will mesmerize you as she gently grazes her nipples with her pantyhose Nylons TGP

Monday, January 14, 2013

She gets her ass and pussy pounded

another hottie getting naked and fingering herself. She shakes her beefy ass before the camera and soon she is getting her ass fondled and licked by Johnny. He eats her out and fingers her to get her in the mood to smoke his pole. She gets her ass and pussy pounded with his hands, but then its on to better things. He goes straight to her asshole with his pecker and just goes to town on her. The harder he bangs her the more she likes it. she gets mouth banged again in various positions and her throat takes his whole cock so deep that she slurps and gags. Johnny fucks her asshole in every hard core way he can. She purrs for it. Look Sex

Blonde cutie dresses in sexy lingerie

Blonde cutie dresses in sexy lingerie while talking to the camera. She's joined by a horny man, and he helps her undress before having her suck on a vibrator. He replaces that with his hard cock, shoving it into her wet mouth. She looks up at him as she gives him a wet blow job, and she climbs on top to ride his dick reverse cowgirl. He bends her over the couch to fuck her doggy style, and he pounds her missionary and while spooning her. He finally strokes his cum all over her smiling face. Cum Gag

one in the pink and one in the stink

She peeled her clothes off and double sucked both the white dudes she was hooking up with. After a few minutes she got on top of one of them and rode his dick while she sucked the other. The guys switched spots and she was taken from behind. She wanted more so the white dudes double penetrated her. She had one in the pink and one in the stink and came so hard she forgot her own name then both guys fed her a hot lunch of baby batter right into her ready mouth. Coed Slut

Sunday, January 13, 2013

She gets so turned on knowing you are watching!

With her panties in her mouth busty blonde stocking tease Kiera Moon moves her dainty feminine fingers over her bare naked pussy, letting her shimmer metallic black thigh high stockings legs fall apart and spread wider. She gets so turned on knowing you are watching! On the verge of exploding with orgasm, she rubs her pussy lips and clitoris faster with her sweet anus in view. Her perfect curvy body straining to climax. She moans and pants faster as her impending orgasm nears, she's so close! Heels XXX

matching black satin panties

Her large soft all natural breasts are so delicious Kiera Moon cannot stop herself from licking her own nipples! Spreading her stocking legs and feeling her matching black satin panties heating up from her warm sex makes her nipples harden and become sensitive. Johnny Fetish

Sexy black satin bra straining to hold back her full D-cup breasts

Tall blonde and busty, what could be hotter? Sexy black satin bra straining to hold back her full D-cup breasts and her pouty lips shimmer with pale pink cherry flavored lip gloss. Beautiful pornstar Kiera Moon sensually sways her perfect curvy body as she slowly strips for you. Free Boobs Daily

She moans, she wants to climax!

Teasing you with her amazing lingerie and lacy thigh high white stockings, the insatiable brunette MILF gets hotter and wetter as your eyes crawl over every inch of her perfect body. Her shimmery legs seem to go on for miles as she lifts them high during her erotic striptease. On her hands and knees, giving you that sly smile with a dazzling sparkle to her amazing sexy blue eyes, she prowls around her bed like a naughty sex kitten waiting to pounce and devour you whole. She moans, she wants to climax! Panty Gallery

Experienced women know how to have better kinky wet sex

An extremely attractive MILF is featured in this arousing series. Her bright eyes are stunning light blue and are extremely sexy to gaze into. Her shimmery pink lip gloss is inviting and makes you wonder what flavor it might be. From head to toe she looks delicious! This sexy brunette MILF gets so hot knowing you are watching her. The art of seduction is something she knows well, seducing you and teasing you with her panties and sexy body makes her extremely horny. Experienced women know how to have better kinky wet sex. Nylons TGP

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ever wondered about girls in lingerie department changing rooms? Sexy long haired Ashley tells you about her experience trying on panties and girdles and letting a married man watch her....teasing him. She talks about her pink panties, her stockings, showing off, letting men look up her skirt as she strips, squeezes her nipples until milk drips out, and spreads her legs for a great view of her panties as she tells you how she wants you to jerk off as you watch her rub her sexy panties. Panty Gallery

labia stretching

we meet this girl on a very hot day in June, and she's one of those serious crossfit gym girls. She wants to do all kinds of adult work, but we warm her up here, and have lots of fun with her on FTV. Out on a street, we watch her jog by, then see her breasts come out and do it topless. In no time she's butt naked, running naked on the street! On a public dare, we go to her gym, extremely busy with people working out, and she does some topless workouts right in front of everyone, from weights, squats, stretching, splits, and even some topless jazz dance in the dance hall! Back home, she starts masturbating with fingers, then ends up with the Vibraking to orgasm. We then get extreme closeups of her private parts, gaping, and labia stretching. She experiments with a banana and zucchini, which she manages to stuff incredibly deep to the point where they almost go missing! Comfy on the couch, she then finger masturbates and has multiple toe curling orgasms with visible vaginal contractions! Later that night, we have a dinner date with her, and watch her flash her perfect butt and breasts outside the restaurant, and a drugstore! The next morning, we watch her wake up, do situps, some laps in the pool (naked of course!) and take a shower and shave her private parts. Then she does a morning masturbation with fingers to a nice natural orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Putting on a sexy dress & heels, she shows us that she can be super sexy and dressy when she likes, totally glamorous with those legs of hers. Upskirt and fingering, breast play, teasing us with those heels on. Back home, she plays with the Big Pink Toy, which she takes incredibly deep to nearly its base, then does the splits on it and goes even deeper! She can definitely take things... deep. Back out at another resort, she's in an even sexier dress and strappy heels, finds a place to finger herself, and a security guard shows up right behind her while we're shooting extreme closeups! Time to leave, she drives the car topless as some people in SUV's notice... Back at home she uses the wine bottle like a toy, riding it on the kitchen table! The sun is setting, and thunderclouds are approaching, so she goes out for a naked run on a hiking trail, letting us watch her naked & fit form until the rains come. Another fun adventure shoot, with a first timer who definitely had a lot of fun Free Boobs Daily

This girl is just too cute to not love!

This skinny & busty blonde beauty loves to show off her perfect tits & personality on camera just for you guys. If you like them petite & naughty make sure you check this angel out! This girl is just too cute to not love! Nylons TGP